How Can I Gain Weight this Winter?

Fatter - Gain weight in the winter“Normally I don’t eat whipped cream,” I said to my girlfriend as I sheepishly grabbed the knife and slathered it on my crepe. It reminded me of days when I used to spread soft butter on warm pancakes. “Buuut I’m trying to get fat so I probably should eat it.” I was joking but also telling the truth. A lofty and ambitious goal of summiting Mount Washington this February has me diligently preparing everything from acquiring mondo fluffy mitts to stretching out my previously injured achilles tendon to packing on a few pounds for a little extra warmth. The only problem with the last one is I fucking hate whipped cream. Read more

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling (DARK Act) VS. Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act

GMO Labeling BillsWhew! That title is a mouthful but there really is no way to abbreviate these things. What does all of this mean? Beats me. But after a few hours of research, deciphering congressional bill lingo, and being entertained by some very passionate blogs, it became clear to me that if you care about how GMO food is labeled, this is a match up that YOU NEED TO FOLLOW. There is a battle going down right now with legislation that directly influences GMO labeling. To help you get started, here is some background information on the two contenders: Read more

Chipotle – Food with (some) Integrity

Chipotle Food with Integrity SometimesI eat a lot of Chipotle. Many of you know this from my Adventurrito craze. Giant burritos wrapped in shiny foil have become a staple in my diet for many reasons: delicious vegan options, a yummy dose of all essential amino acids, and food sourced “with integrity.” However, this last reason was called into question today during my (bi)weekly Chipotle visit, a visit which also called into question Chipotle’s “integrity.” Read more

GMOs: Why You Should be Terrified

Jerry Seinfeld GMOThe windows outside Whole Foods were plastered with a new campaign touting GMO Labeling Transparency. Initially intrigued by the graphic design, I began to rejoice in the fact that Whole Foods is doing something about GMOs. “You dirty GMOs” I thought. “You thought you were so clever but you’ll never escape Whole Foods’ jaws of justice!” But then my rejoice slammed into a brick wall of a questions: what exactly is Whole Foods doing with GMOs? What does it mean to me? What’s the deal with GMOs? Read more

Interview with Theresa Beckmann

Theresa BeckmanI find that Saturday mornings are most enjoyable when paired with great conservation. Theresa Beckmann requested an interview after stumbling upon my blog while searching for answers to Adventurrito. In her request she mentioned that she lives in Arizona, is a recent vegan, and lives with a “fully omni husband.” We spent an engaging hour and fifteen minutes enjoying our Saturday morning and talking about those things. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

So you are a recent vegan. How did it all begin? Read more

Soy Milk and Man Boobs

Bob Drinks Soy MilkBut where do you get your protein from? Yeah, I got the question again. But I’ll answer it again. A lot of my protein comes from soy. Most of you probably eat more soy than you know – it appears in 70% of your food. But the other day, I made a discovery that made me question soy protein (I can hear the meat-advocates already taunting “told ya so”). I was interviewing a reader for a future post who told me that her husband was staying away from soy milk because they had read it increases estrogen and is bad for men. What?!?!

Read more

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