Adventurrito: Clever Ads and Billboards

Adventurrito 4 FYI FreewayI love Burritos. Yes, with a capital “B.” Chipotle makes awesome burritos. Therefore, I love Chipotle. Chipotle wants me to win 20 year’s worth of burritos through a game called Adventurrito. You can play too, but you won’t win because I am going to win. Anyway, this is a little series about my thoughts as I play to win 1,040 burritos. SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE ANSWER TO TODAY’S PUZZLE!
As some of you know, I work in the branding world so I was actually very excited by this “research” assignment. In this puzzle  you have to look up Chipotle billboards do fill in some blanks. I found it to be an activity inn uncovering some brilliant copy.

My favorite billboards were:

Adventurrito 4 FYI Freeway billboard 1 and 2

Adventurrito 4 FYI Freeway billboard 3

Adventurrito 4 FYI Freeway billboard 4

And one that said “The Happy Pill. Now in a 567,000 mg dose.” :)

Finally, as a bonus, how can we not include this one:

Adventurrito 4 FYI Freeway


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  • Loving your blog. I am a vegetarian of 11 years and on the route to vegan but the cheese… The cheese…. Giving up the cheese is my weakness. I also am addicted to chipotle/ how do you get yours without the cheese and sour cream? Is it just as delicious. I would love to win the burritos as well as we rescue dogs for a living from the euthanasia lists at shelters and sometimes we feed them before ourselves but I was looking at the odds and lets just say they aren’t very good… depressed about this challenge and the probability of actually winning :(

    • Hey Lindsay, don’t be discouraged about the odds of winning. I’ll give you a burrito or two when I win :) I started to draft a response about how to get a burrito without cheese and sour cream but then I realized it really deserves its own post. So here is your answer, a special blog post inspired by you:

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